Restaurant & Bar

A The Dines served make you feel at home with us.. Enjoy the vibrant cuisine from our kitchens and the unique hospitality that will make you feel special. We provide the best possible amenities and facilities available in the city of Pollachi. Seep into our paradise and feel everything that is possibly pleasant is provided unto your world under a single roof.

It is to your taste the restaurant is designed where the food is at its best, tastiest and fastest and it's available from sunrise to midnight offering a specially selected spread which you always wanted to relish. Here is a restaurant with a difference. You can make your choice from a wide variety of dishes. At Inner Circle , the lighting, the seating and the service are all designed for leisurely eating enjoyment. The people are amicable and the food is great.

Cocktail is a feeling of Gathering-together. Here you have an unquenched Cocktail Bar Package adding flavor to your taste. The cocktail blog covers with a wide range of imported varieties such as Bacardi, Remi Martin, Johny Walker, Tequilla,etc.

The facilitating snacks and dishes are served at unlimited scales which would include chicken, egg, salads and other savories. Here we make possible the Cocktail feeling by way of mesmerizing interiors where in there is a splendid blend of Traditional and Postmodern Pub’s tone. Enjoy the experience of Exceptional cum International.